refugees & asylum seekers

The work of God in Jesus is a lot of things, but it is certainly a work of hospitality. God welcoming, making provisions, creating space, and hosting those who were once strangers and aliens. At Awaken, we talk a lot about a table that has been set by the Divine for any and all to come and eat and be nourished at. Our work and commitment to refugees and those seeking asylum in the U.S. is born out of our belief that the people of God have always been called to care for “the alien, the orphan and the widow”.



There are 65.6 million forcibly displaced people in our world right now.   We have felt called as a community to respond to this crisis.  Awaken is connected to a handful of organizations that serve refugees, asylum seekers in particular.  We serve our friends through grocery services, rides to appointments, social things, etc.  You can participate on these teams relationally, financially, or in other ways should you have an idea!

Questions?  Contact Molly Noble