sheridan story

Our friends over in Minneapolis at Mill City Church asked the Principal of the school they met in what the biggest issues were for the school. They were surprised to find out that the majority of the kids in the school received free or reduced lunches and when they went home on the weekends, many of them didn’t eat. With this information and some connections to the food rescue efforts in Minnesota, Sheridan Story was birthed.



Exists for kids in school who experience food insecurity over the weekends.  Sheridan's Story is a weekend food program that community sponsors can initiate in local schools.  Awaken has partnered with Linwood-Monroe and Garlough Elementary to implement this program.  Our commitment it two-fold:

  • Financial: It costs about $130 per child to participate for a school year.

  • Distribution: On Friday's we have a team of people that distribute the bags of food sent home with participating families in lockers.

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