Discipleship and learning are important in the life of Awaken. We want to be learning, growing and maturing in our faith. Learning Labs are short (6-8 week) opportunities to take a deep dive into a conversation and topic that we believe matters in the life of those who follow Jesus. These will be a combination of presentation and discussion and will require you to do some homework and maybe even pre-reading.



Race & whiteness


Siri Nestingen-Milton will be leading us in a discussion about race, whiteness and what they mean to our faith. What are the lenses through which we see the world that we don’t even realize? How has white supremacy as an ideology affected our faith and worldview? This learning lab is not for the faint of heart. If you are interested in doing some hard, but good, work on what it means to take your cultural identity and faith seriously then this class is for you.


healthy sexuality


Becky Patton is a former pastor, an author and therapist who has years of experience leading people in conversations around sexuality and spirituality. We’ll engage questions about what it means to be made in the image of God, what it means to be healthy and whole sexual beings and what it means to love one another well in both intimate and platonic relationships. Whether you are single, married, LGBTQ, or straight this class will be of benefit to you.


Holistic soul care


Dr. Christine Osgood from Bethel University will be leading us in a deep dive into the question of “what is the soul?” Dr. Osgood is the chair of the Well Being department and has devoted her life to spiritual formation and what it means to be whole and healthy spiritual beings. We’ll explore the cognitive, spiritual, physical, emotional, relational, areas of our lives as well as what brings us meaning.