Programming is available for infants through 5th graders at both the 9:30 and 11:00 gatherings! Infants to 3 year olds can be checked into their classrooms ten minutes before each gathering. Parents are invited to bring 4 year olds to 5th grade children with you into the main Sanctuary. After a brief time of worship, the community will sing a blessing over the children as they are invited to Kids Community which happens downstairs.  Children are always welcome to stay with you in the gathering but if they choose to go to Kids Community and you are new, please join your child for the first day to check in . After the gathering you are invited to pick up your children at their classroom.



INFANTS (age 0-1)

Nursery, located upstairs to the right of the stage, welcomes babies and walkers into a space where caring adults are eager to read, pray, sing and share the love of Jesus with Awakens littlest. You can know your child is in good hands as you attend the gathering. Check-in/out will happen right in the entrance of the nursery after you fill out a name tag with security number, sign in on the attendance sheet and leave anything your child may need in a labeled cubbie. You will be notified via text if your child needs you during the gathering.

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TODDLERS (age 2-3)

The 2’s &3’s room, located downstairs, creates an environment where even the youngest kids become familiar with Bible stories and learn about Jesus’ love.  Our teachers and helpers will spend time playing and reading stories ensuring that each child feels safe and cared for.  Check-in/out happens in the doorway of the classroom before or during the gathering. You will be assigned a security number and you can sign your child in on the attendance sheet.


PRE-K (age 4-5)

In our Preschool class, the 4 and 5 year olds will experience singing, games, stories from scripture, a chance to respond to the story, art activities, and relational time with our adults. We want children to know that God is good, God is love, God is mighty, God knows what we need, and God is our friend.  



In the Kindergarten and First grade room, the focus is readying ourselves to hear the stories of God in a way that inspires wonder. Each week a storyteller presents a story from either the New or Old Testament using beautiful props, hand motions and pacing that evokes respect for God  and His Words. Afterwards, children are invited to offer their ideas aloud together about why God might have told us these stories and in this way, we learn together and from each other. Children are then invited to 'enter' the story. We want children to know Jesus is accessible, the Holy Spirit still speaks, and that God is inviting them into His big Story.



Second and Third graders are challenged to use their imaginations to wonder how people in God’s Story must have felt and experienced things. Teachers encourage the asking of open-ended questions in each story, allowing the Holy Spirit to work as children discover truth. After reading and discussing the story, children have the opportunity to interact with the story through drama, art and/or games. We want children to learn more than facts and principles. Our hope is that they will respond to God's invitation of the renewal of their hearts.



Fourth and Fifth graders will see how individual Bible stories connect into larger themes that span the whole Bible.  They will be gaining a solid understanding of the history of God’s people, adding context to who Jesus is and why Jesus is so important. As these students transition into youth ministry, we want to give opportunities for them to build relationships with each other as well as intergenerationally.  One way of doing this will be offering Serving Sundays. On 4th Sundays, in place of class, the kids will be joined up with a serving team within Awaken or participate in a service project for our community.

Safety & Security

Your child is joined by volunteers who have been trained and screened with background checks to verify their level of quality and character. The safety of your child is of utmost importance to us!  Each room is equipped with communication devices and policies and procedures are in place for all safety concerns.  Each child will be picked up immediately after the gathering by a parent or guardian.  Security numbers need to be shown for Infants and Toddlers.