We value art and beauty and creativity because we believe we are made in the image of a God who is creative and generative in nature.  When we create, we tap into one of the most fundamental aspects of being a human created in the image of a God who creates.

The gallery below are pieces that have been created during our gatherings or by artists who call Awaken home.  Click on any of the images you like to see the artist's website. 




Every other month we like to showcase the work of one of the artists in our community and we also invite them into the process of creating and leading our community in worship. We've had painters, potters, writers, songwriters, & photographers.  Each of them are invited that month to create or offer a piece connected to a teaching series, biblical text or some other aspect of the spiritual life.


Cameron Quie

Cameron Quie has been obsessed since childhood with creating things with his own two hands. He loves to explore and develop skills in a wide variety of mediums. His most profound pursuit has been wood carving. Cameron is passionate about work done by hand, and loves the richness found in tradition, while also making work that is fresh and unique.

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kaytee crawford

Kaytee Crawford is a wife, mother to three boys, a proud woman of color, and an artist. She resides in St. Paul, Minnesota with her family. When she's not busy caring for her precious boys, she's hard at work creating pieces of art that are socially aware and that stand up for justice.




Mark is on staff with Wycliffe Translators as a full time missionary.  He has been all over the world using his gift of illustrating to help indigenous cultures understand the story of God in scripture.  Mark has unbelievable gift of capturing still life landscapes, animals, plants and people.  Many people find themselves staring at his work wondering, "How does he do that?"  He's married to Joan and we're lucky to have him at Awaken.




The Kephart's are a musical family.  Both Tim and Susan grew up playing and studying music and now they are doing the same with their children.  They provided piano and organ music for our gatherings as well as beautiful performance with their two oldest Madeline and Louisa.



Originally from Vienna, Austria, Sarah has spent much time traveling internationally.  Sarah is currently based out of Minneapolis, MN.  Her personal work is inspired by her life growing up as a foreigner, and her travels into different cultures and contexts. She focuses heavily on meticulous detail and permanent mediums.  Sarah painted live during our Xmas series in 2015 on 5ft by 9ft canvases that now adorn our worship space.   photo: zach davis photography

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IZA .jpg


Iza is from Poland originally and works primarily with paint on canvas.  She brings a certain kind of whimsical perspective and imagination to her work that is inspiring and captivating.  Iza has participated in our Advent Art Series for Christmas a number of times. 




Wendy started drawing as a young child. She is Canadian-born, lived much of her life in Minnesota, and is now making the transition to move to Europe. People are Wendy's main source of inspiration. She relishes moments when she encounters a new expression of humanity or hears another life story. Consequently, her passion for travel goes hand-in-hand with her passion for creating art.

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Kaleigh is a writer who studied literature at Northwestern College in Roseville.  She has written pieces for the Advent Art Series as well as being one of our Artists in Residence where she provided poems, prayers and reflections that helped explore a topic discussed in the gathering.



Mike never saw himself doing anything that he considered artistic while pursuing his degrees in history and social studies education at Bethel University. After taking a ceramics course led by the professor and potter, Kirk Freeman, however, Mike developed a great fascination with throwing functional pottery on the wheel and of clay in general.  Ever since that first class Mike has been honing his skills as a potter and seeking to understand what makes “good pottery” actually good.