Most churches call these folks "elders".  They are nominated and affirmed by the Partners of Awaken each year at the annual meeting and serve as representatives of the congregation.  They help to shepherd and care for the spiritual health of our community and its leaders.  They work to ensure that we are hearing the voice of God together and following the Spirit's leading with courage and clarity.



eva rodelius


Eva is a lawyer by day and brings a level precision and clarity to the conversations and decision making process that is crucial.  She's married to Luke and they are the proud owners of a dog they call "Taco". 

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Kate is a Northwestern College graduate and is a part of the Worship/Music community at Awaken. She’s never afraid to say what she thinks and has a deep faith that keeps her grounded. She’s also a full time mom to Francis and Wenonah and married to Josh. They live in South Minneapolis.  

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danny langseth


Danny works for Target Corp. during the day on the team selling women’s cosmetics. This, and the fact that he’s as sharp as whip with numbers, ensures that he’s the right person to help us manage our finances at Awaken. He’s married to Morgan and they live in South Minneapolis.

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Claire Kaehr

Claire is a full time therapist which means a lot of things but for sure, she’s a great listener and asks great questions. She and her husband Andy have 3 boys and live in south of the River.

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donna albinson

Donna has a wealth of experience that she brings to the table including; living overseas, being a missionary, working in non-profits and with refugees as well as raising a family with her husband Tom.

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Troy groves

Troy works for IJM and has also been a part of the music industry for the past 20 years with his wife Sara. He’s a sharp guy who understands the challenges of ministry and leading in complex situations. He and Sara live St. Paul and are the parents of 3 lovely kids.

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Micah is a teacher, theologian, story-teller and entrepreneur. He brings ideas to life and can often see something before it's realized. He is the husband to Laura and father to Hadley, Dahlia & Linden. Micah enjoys anything competitive, wood working, fishing and mixing cocktails for his friends.

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